Here is my “Top 10 List” that I’ve submitted for this month’s competition:

1. Limit government spending to, say, 12.5% of GDP (preferably lower, but at this level it would be in line with the example Singapore has set for us)

2. Eliminate all kinds of government subsidies – see explanation below

3. Give citizens, 40 years and younger, the options to opt out of Social security – see link below

4. Cut defense spending to that which is required to defend the homeland. Countries that  had defense treaties with us should instead commit to buy weapons systems from us (and others armaments manufacturers), equal to at least 1% of their GDP. They must pay us if we provide their armed forces with training and anything else required to bolster their own defenses, but no freeloading. (With respect to my friends in Canada, a defense budget of $22 billion a year relies far too much on our taxpayers’ goodwill.) Needless to say, this entails pulling out of NATO and closing military bases abroad.

5. Focus on major diplomatic efforts towards all nations, including and especially, in the Arab world, Asia and Eastern Europe, particularly Russia.

6. Cancel all sanctions legislation. Sanctions are an act of war and goes contrary to the objectives listed in (5) above

7. Abolish personal income tax.

8. Abolish corporate income tax, or if needed during a transition period, limit the rate to 0.5% of revenues.

9. Provide foreigners with the required qualifications (institute a point system as used in Canada) with work visas that allow them unrestricted movement between their countries and the USA.

10. Abolish the war on drugs, government surveillance overreach, TSA, and a host of other federal agencies that serve no purpose other than to extend its influence and control over our lives.

With regard to (2) above consider the issue in the context of the following:

If the British government, in the interest of promoting physical fitness, were to give everybody a 50 pound voucher to go and buy a pair of running shoes (trainers).

(a) Will the price of trainers decline?

(b) Will the price of trainers stay the same?

(c) Will the price of trainers go up?

The price of trainers will go up. Hence, it is no different when government subsidizes housing, student fees, healthcare etc.

With regard to (3) above: go to this link: